Saturday, September 26, 2009

How I Became a Responsible Citizen, Against my Parent's Wishes

Ha - that got you interested didn't it!?!

I am a straight and narrow citizen of the world. I pay taxes, belong to the neighborhood association, attend all teacher's meetings, keep the yard tucked and tidy and have a respectable job with as much security you can possibly have in this day and age. Worry about deadlines on an Ezine even though I'm the owner, boss, and payroll (yah, right payroll!)

My parents would be horrified.

You see, my parents were hippies. More than hippies, they believed in metaphysical... something. To this day I'm not sure what that means. Everything was good as long as you thought it was. Negative thinking was your doom. Because of this, they thought precautionary thinking was negative thinking. To be avoided. Working to meet the basic requirements of a good citizen was binding and harmful. I had no rules. I had no curfew. These were restrictive to my growing experience. Would stunt my philosophical growth.

So many respectable and responsible things in the human community were to be shunned as negative thinking. Grades were simply teacher posturing and "estimates". Inoculations were clearly negative thinking in that you feared nature and it's illnesses. Taxes should be negotiable, depending on how your year was. There was no need for a curfew as all things were growing experiences and if that experience took you until 2:00 a.m., well, so be it. Why was there a drinking age? That made no sense at all.

With good food, good wine and a positive outlook, the world was yours to conquer. Nothing else was required. To boot - I was female. I was to be taken care of and my only need in life was a good provider. I did not need to be intelligent, be able to support myself or really have learning of any sort. I just had to have a positive outlook on life and smile pretty.

I disappointed them on all levels.

I excelled in school. I found employment. I did not marry until I was ancient (24). I snuck to a doctor and received all my inoculations. I married and continued working. I still work. My children went to preschool and got their shots. They are not allowed to drink. My car is registered every year.

I am the black sheep on my family. I hope one day they forgive me.


Written by Idgie herself!

Idgie has a colorful history that used to be very well known on her blog before she became a "respectable Editor" of an Ezine and ran out of time to write about herself anymore. Every now and again a new story pops up. She also swears she never made one story up. But perhaps she wouldn't be where she is today if she wasn't raised the "Positive Princess Who Could Conquer the World."

Her parents were weird, but they loved her dearly. She thanks them both for believing in her, even if she disappointed them with the end result.