Friday, March 20, 2009

Southerners are Writing like Mad!

I want ya'll to take a good look at this fantastic array of books shown above. The Dew and the Southern writers have been having a great time this season!

The writers are going at the keyboards like there's no tomorrow and the Dew is reading like mad to keep up and share all these great stories that are out there right now!

We have even more books coming soon - so I wanted to give all ya'll a heads up to get your reading chair and sweet tea ready, settle down with one, or more, of these books and embrace some great stories.

Keep your eyes on the Book Review section of the Dew to see all the wonderful stories heading your way! Some of the above books have not been reviewed yet, but are on our desk waiting, so if you don't see a review of a book you're interested in, give us just a week or two more!