Friday, March 6, 2009

The Mouse, This Day and The Clock

The Mouse

Along the highway
as if the little fellow
is stranded too,
a mouse in the snow
hopping over the
lumps or rather hillsides,
as I wish him well.
Hope he finds his home.

This Day

Going for a walk, this is my day.
The bluebird that is flying is
the color of the early dawn,
a bright blue sky with a chestnut
orange breast. Today, this is my day
like no other shall be, shall be.
The rays of the sun are before me.

The Clock

The tick of the clock
is quiet. The conversation
is loud. Words are all at
once, as conversation
can shine, shine like the
brass pendulum, chime
after chime, happily wound
and wound.


Danny P. Barbare