Saturday, June 28, 2008



But, surely, the tree in Eden was a giant mint plant,

promising knowledge profane and sacred,

opening the doorways of Eternity!

Summer’s air presses heavy on the house,

ice clicks in the teeth,

the mixture’s smell invites you in

to where mint lies on the tongue.

And in the distance,

bourbon-taste and sugar against the palette

sweet as remembered Sunday mornings.



Jack Peachum is a sometime poet/ actor/model (Look for him on Avanati Cards: The Pinch!) who lives in The Venable’s House, a haunted old manse in Clarksville, southside Virginia, with many ghosts, wife Julia & a lovely bulldog named Eleanor. (What's Clarksville near? Nothing.) He has published poetry & prose in many print journals, as well as online. He currently has work appearing in Clark Street Review, on-line at poetry (Spring poems) & soon in Cherry Blossom Review.