Monday, June 2, 2008

Day is Done

Just as the waves of the sea gather from all corners of the earth
and eventually merge into an ebb and flow of calmness,
peacefulness and tranquility, even so do the creatures of
Noah join in unison with their glorious orchestral serenade at day's end.

The calming, melodic refrains of bullfrogs; a regiment of soldiers
confidently guarding their post, intermingle with the soothing blends
of Katydids and Cicadas creating a serenity of peaceful rest.

Brilliant flashes of lightning bugs shed unexpected surprises against
a dusky evening cloak, which gently descends as a loving father,
tenderly encircling his tiny, nodding child with protection against the
darkness of approaching nightfall.

The shrill chatter of Wrens. The woeful melodious tones of the Mourning
Dove. The numerous symphonic offerings of the Mocking Bird. All
sharing adventures of their day, before settling in for evening's rest.

Flickering, minute stars exposed only by the full drape of blackness.
Illumination of a distant, vigilant orb, suspended in a velvet pool of infinity;
keeping watch until the horizon is once again glorified on a new stage
whose curtain rises slowly and veiled, then clearly and brilliantly,
revealing in all its majesty… the birth of a new day!
JA Heitmueller