Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Bliss of a Bath

My husband asked me the other day what in the all-fire get out was so exciting about taking a bath. He continued to point out that a shower was quick and efficient and "got the job done". Why would I want to waste all that time soaking in a tub of cooling water with gunk in it.

So I decided to describe what exactly is so special to a gal about a bath.

Let's start from the first moment a bath enters your mind.

You are coming home from a hard day at work, dealing with constant squabbles, typos, deadlines and irrational people. Alternately, you are already at home with your children but have endured tantrums, tummy aches, spilled food, 4 loads of laundry and a dinner that suddenly is missing one key ingredient and the thought of piling 3 kids into the car for sour cream is too overwhelming for words.

You walk in the door, or downstairs, to bills, burning food, hungry kids, demanding voices, solicitors on the phone and 4,000 letters from teachers and the PTA wanting money, donations, time or a "talk about Junior".

Finally, dinner is done, Spongebob is on and your emails that followed you home from work are done. You head upstairs to your room.

The door is locked, your clothes magically fall off and you head to the tub. You are dirty, tired, achey, in poor mind and just overall done with your day.

The tub is an empty, cold, blank slate. Nothing that interesting. Nothing special.


You turn on the water - super hot. You add bubbles, oil, good smelly stuff.

When you first climb in it's so warm, you stop and suck in your breath, just a little bit. You swirl the water with your toes to blend the temperature. You slowly sink down into the froth.

It hits in an instant - the warmth envelopes you. It sinks into your bones, muscles, aches, pains, worries and tiredness. It feels so good. The soft smell wafts up into your nose, it's extremely pleasing. The oil is slightly slippery, but that just makes it it flow smoothly over your limbs and moisturize your skin.

You sink into the water up to your neck, the warmth surrounding you like a hot summer's day. It's quiet and calm and best of all, solitary in your bath. All is good with the world again. Your worries and stresses slip away as the warmth sinks in . You lay your head back and think good thoughts. You are calm, relaxed, warm, enveloped like a baby in a blanket.

When the water finally starts to cool and you rise like a Phoenix out of the tub, you throw on your old, soft, ratty robe...................

and head out into the world to face yet another day/night/challenge with a warm heart and a calm soul.

Now, ask again why a bath is a waste of time.