Wednesday, October 3, 2007

True Life: I'm a Southern Belle

True Life: I'm a Southern Belle

Do your friends and family call you a southern belle? Do you always dress to impress before leaving your house? Have you been practicing for cotillion or pageant? Do you swear by pearls for every occasion? If you think you are a true southern belle - however you define it - we want to hear from you...

We are looking for young ladies ages 16 - 28 who live anywhere in the US and consider themselves to be true southern belles.

We are very interested in girls who are preparing for a cotillion in October, November, or December 2007. We are also interested in any southern belles who no longer live in the south but still hold on to their southern roots and values.

Our website, is currently under construction. I know there is a posting on under the section – Be on MTV.

If interested please email Ana Cordova at

Ana Cordova
Casting Director
Left/Right Inc. for MTV True Life
New York, NY