Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Listen Up Chili-Heads

It's chili cookin' time in Texas, folks. Almost time for the world-class chili cook-off in Terlingua and big bowls of steaming red.

This year, 466 cooks qualified and 189 show teams are on the roster for the 2007 event.


With team names like "Dr. Dave's VooDoo Stew", or "Miasis Dragon", or "Asheep at the Wheel", this year is bound to be a heckuva lot of fun. There's even a "Hoochie Mama" and a "Dumb Blonde" team. Believe I would have to pass on taste samples from the likes of the "Red Cock Chili" or "Toad Chokin' Chili" show teams.

Because I love the Bend without a gaggle of fire-breathin' semi-drunk chili-heads, I expect the Kman and I may never experience this celebration. It's a nine hour plus drive to the park, and we get so few days away that I just can't bring myself to waste them watchin' people get wasted, though it looks like a lot of fun.

If you got nothing better to do on the first Saturday in November, I bet there's a patch of dirt in Terlingua with your name on it.