Wednesday, October 31, 2007


As I awoke this morning I had caffeine on my mind.
Miles of addiction came between my brew and fine.
Stumbling with grogginess my mission was intact.
Although it was Halloween-----somehow I missed that fact.

Billows of aroma saturated every thought. Full attention to
The deed, my total being fraught !
As I waited patiently I glanced the mirror's way
And the creature staring back was frightful----
I must say !

That one scary instant settled Halloween's great choice.
" What a perfect costume", said my sleepy morning voice.
I'll be lazy, let things go; not dress or comb my hair.
Take the day off, be a bum, a reason NOT to care.

Then at spook time when the goblins chant their "Trick or Treat",
They'll be startled, flee in terror----------
When my sight they greet!!
Jane- Ann Heitmueller