Monday, July 9, 2007

Kudzu Power

Back in the spring, I noticed this dogwood tree just dying to bloom all pretty and pink. Problem was, it was being choked out by a nearby kudzu heap. Any southerner knows that the evil vine will take dang OVER anything in its' path...including the road, if the highway department isn't on their toes. I was determined that this particular dogwood would bloom without evil Asian tendrils clinging. May found this tiny tree kudzu-less and all decked out with delicate blossoms.

Next thing I knew, it was summer again. There's monkey grass everywhere and weeds'n stuff. And Lawwwwwwwwwd at the kudzu! It's dripping from the trees every which way you look, especially up around the barn. Grapevine has near about taken over the riverbed...that and the andromeda strain of poison ivy that lines every path to the water. Duckweed on the ponds and sloughs. Bream slime everywhere. It's disgusting, y'all.

This year I heard the call of the cicada quite early....back in June. Mama told me I was hearing things but we know that fall can't be far behind when the ree-a-rees go to singing at sunset. That's what we're hoping for anyways.