Sunday, June 3, 2007

bikers and bad karyokee

Is it just me or did we skip right over spring into August here in the south? These extremes in temperature just make me ill. What the heck happened to the four seasons and all that jazz? Must be the global warming thing. With the price of gas and all I don't travel too far from home, except up to the kudzu bar when I'm feelin' frisky or just plain bored. It's the coolest little place you ever saw. Sometimes ladies dance on the bar and get dollar bills stuck up in their jeans. I never did that, but I could have back in the day before I got old and fat.

Thursday is ladies night up there. Beer sodies are only a buck so we're cheap dates then. I got a t-shirt just because the owners like me. Friday nights is bad karyokee all around except when Bev sings. Then it's all good, because she has a voice outta this world from singing in church as a kid. We sang a duet a time or two but she always leads. Bikers just flock to her place. Could be because her hubby has one and loves every dang minute of driving that thang ninety to nothing when the day jobs allow time for traveling.