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House of Brews, Huntsville, AL

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Don't ever let anyone say there is nothing to do in Huntsville, Alabama! I have proof that there is a diverse collection of gathering places for which the metropolitan can cull from on any given night.

Downtown Huntsville has become quite the hotspot for which to hang out. The House of Brews is most definitely worthy of your patronage traffic. I have been twice and will go again in the future. In fact, I will confess it to all of my friends, new acquaintances, and my co-workers
from now on.

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The beau and I decided to go to the House of Brews this past Saturday evening and for the price of one iced white mocha coffee ($3.85 ea. + tip), and some fantastic entertainment, we had the best time ever!

Ricky Ray was the selected choice of entertainment for the upstairs lounge. Man, he put on a great show. Now, I may be biased because I love the blues music but I think even the non-bluesy person would have been toe tapping and finger snapping to Ricky Ray and his accomplice accompanist (drums). Yes, I did get a picture with Ricky Ray but decided not to publish my mug on this review!

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We even had some dancers get up on the floor and they were something to watch too! Man, they stepped it out that night with their youthful energetic lustful style of swing! Really, they were mesmerizing.

The beau and I have GOT to learn how to dance like that! HOT I tell ya, and makes for great exercise no doubt.

Our arrival time was perfect. We left our improper headquarters around 8:30 arriving in downtown Huntsville 10 minutes later and found a parking spot easily, we walked one block to get to The House of Brews; the night weather was perfect for it too.

No cover charge for the House of Brews either. Like I said we purchased one iced white mocha coffee (each) then headed upstairs for the entertainment. Ricky Ray had already started but we got right in and found seating quickly. Later in the evening it started to fill up with all sorts of characters from the progressive youngster to the more mature "engineer type" audience.

The upstairs lounge seating was perfect with your choice of overstuffed leather couches/loveseats and chairs, to regular high top bar tables, to the modern 2 person tables which by the way you could easily maneuver and group them if need be.

My pictures don't do the place justice. I wish you could see the exquisite wood floors, the stylish brick walls, and all of the paintings they had up from local artists I'm sure.

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As you can see a variety of "spirits" can be had by all. Just remember to designate a driver, preferably a sober one. The house even had a bouncer and I got to see him in action at one point during the evening. One fellow just got a little too friendly with the bar staff
is all, there was no real commotion to speak of but still it was nice to know they had things under control.

I am getting a little ahead of myself, let me back up and show you some other pictures - downstairs at The
House of Brews

A quaint and casual variety coffee shop, with treats, where you can mingle with your friends or just sit and enjoy the free wireless internet.

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Hmmm, I think I have found our next Alabama Bloggers Meetup location!

While we did not try any of the treats that evening they all looked delectable indeed; maybe next time and trust me, there will be a next time. You had your choice from soups & sandwiches to your choice of goodies for the sweet tooth.

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I swear if I could get away with it I would become a regular and frequent the The House of Brews every Saturday night.

Check out their website where you can view their
and get a sneak peek of who will be performing!

Looks like Shametown (love the name) will be up for the 19th of May.

Visit their PICTURE PAGE too!

I wish I had asked who did the artwork on the walls because they were spectacular. Oh wait, I can ask them the next time I am in there,
which will be very soon I assure you.

Doesn't that fabulous mural look real?

Yep, The House of Brews is definitely worth your time. I am confident that if you go you will want to go back again and again.

Thanks House of Brews for giving Huntsville some lively merriment along with
perhaps some cultural enjoyment.

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