Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Dixiepedia - a PC Free Encyclopedia

Harriette Jacobs sent me this site and I think it might be of interest to all ya'll. It's nicely done.

Thanks Harriette for sharing!



What is Dixiepedia?

Dixiepedia is a project of the Institute for Southern Historical Review. We are supported by your generous donations and by proceeds from our bookstore.

The contents of this site have been contributed by folks who are friendly to the South and to her unique history, heritage, and culture. If this does not describe your sentiments, we request that you kindly refrain from posting and editing on this site.

With very few exceptions, all pages on this site that have not been protected by the Administrator may be edited by anyone. If you would like to submit or edit an article, first log in by clicking the link at the top right corner of this page. Please let us know who you are by completing a profile page (see example). When submitting or significantly editing an article, it would be helpful to the readers if you would place your user name at the bottom and provide an internal link to your profile page.
How To Submit or Edit an Article

Click on the category on the main page that best describes your subject matter. If an article already exists on that subject, proceed to that page and start editing. If there is not an existing article, click the "edit" feature on the category page, insert your subject into the list (in alphabetical order, please), click "save page," then click the new link and start typing.

Once you get used to it, editing is easy. After clicking the "edit" button, a text box will appear with a tool bar over it. There are also several other keys on your keyboard that will do other things, such as indent, add bullets, etc. Study the coding of an existing article to get some ideas. It might also be a good idea to practice in the Sandbox before actual editing.

If you would like to voice your opinions and thoughts about a particular subject, please do so in the Members' Editorials section rather than in the articles sections. Since these editorials originate with one author rather than the Dixiepedia community, they will be protected from community editing by the Administrator. If at a later date, you wish to edit or delete your own editorial, contact the Administrator and request that the protection be lifted.

Do not, under any circumstances, edit another member's profile page.

Contributions that are inconsistent with Christian morals and faith will be removed from the site immediately.

Thank you for your participation on Dixiepedia!