Tuesday, February 20, 2007

throw me some beads

Happy Fat Tuesday, y'all. I'm having a beer and enjoying the sunset in your honor. If it's not warm enough to do that where you are, my condolences to you and your mama'n'them. The re-chargable batteries for the camera are dead as a doornail so there's no picture. Trust me, though...it's awesome. Primary colors are orange, blue, black and white and fadin' fast.

It's kinda cool not being able to yadayada just for the sake of hearing your own voice. It leaves more time for thinkin' and listening and watching the cats watch the birds come out to play. While I'm not ready to sweat quite yet, it's mighty nice to walk the yard without a jacket and pick up some sticks after the day job. Faith rolled in a cowpile and got a bath for her troubles. Call me picky, but I refuse to sleep with a shit covered dog, even if she is all cuddly and chocolate brown.

Lent is to Christians one of the most important times of meditation about that holy story that may indeed be fictional. It began back during Advent as we waited expectantly for a miracle and followed that star to humble beginnings. After Epiphany and the snow comes baseball season :) Back in the day when I was a Sunday School teacher it tickled the poop out of me to plant seeds of doubt deep into enquiring minds..that's where faith grows best.