Sunday, February 4, 2007

The Rise of the Southern Biscuit - Award Winner!

I wanted to give ya'll a wonderful update on a documentary that I mentioned to you a month or two ago - The Rise of the Southern Biscuit. Maryann Byrd wrote, directed and produced this documentary herself.


The Rise of the Southern Biscuit won two Emmy's for Best Cultural Documentary and Best Program Writing.

So in honor of this wonderful occurrence, I've reprinted the original article below so that ya'll can go give it a look over one more time.

Congratulations Maryann!

(Originally posted 11.29.06)

The Biscuit Dive Guide
by Maryann Byrd

"The Rise of the Southern Biscuit is a documentary that relishes the history and uniqueness of the Southern biscuit. This appetizing program features the SouthÂ’s best biscuit makers, cafes, and restaurants that keep the tradition of Southern biscuit making alive.

The book, The Biscuit Dive Guide is a roadmap to the best biscuit-making cafes and diners in the South. It doubles as a cookbook, as biscuit makers from these Southern cooking restaurants reveal their recipes and biscuit making success tricks. The Rise of the Southern Biscuit and The Biscuit Dive Guide are tributes to a key element of Southern tradition and hospitality - the Southern biscuit."

I was contacted by Maryann the other day and am I glad I was! What a great idea she has had come to fruition.

She traveled the South searching out the best biscuit-serving restaurants and recipes she could find. She interviewed biscuit makers throughout the South who agreed to share their biscuit recipes and biscuit making advice.

In the end, not only does she have a great book, but a documentary airing on various PBS stations throughout the South!

You can see the documentary on:

The Documentary Channel seen on:
Dish Network Channel 197
CharterDigital Channel 176
Nashville Comcast Digital 241


Public Television stations:
The documentary has been airing on South Carolina Public Television. The show will be airing in Atlanta, Milwaukee and Missouri in the upcoming weeks - as well.

The book can be ordered thru Maryann's website:

I'm gonna go watch the documentary now and then give some biscuit recipes a try!