Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Girl and Her Dawgs

Me and Butterbean sat on the front porch and watched the sunset this evenin' thanks to the warm spell. She's a a whole lot rat terrier diva and a little bit something else and barks her fool head off if you dare to step foot in her yard. All yap and no bite, like most of 'em can be at times. A few years ago at Christmastime I saw this picture in the paper of a puppy at the humane society needing a home. Cute as heck, y'all. For some odd reason, probably the spirit of the season and all that, I proceeded to beg for the adoption fee to save this little critter. I went to see her before I raised the bucks and had to leave her in the cage all precious and little. I don't remember the name of that pup..no WAIT. It was Leilu, I'm sure of it.

When I went back to the shelter with bail money, she was gone...hopefully to a good home. As I wound my way back through the concrete and wire mesh maze I spotted this little bitty dog with an attractive brindle pattern on her back. The ears drooped like Snoopy's, but eventually they would stand at attention. Me and my BabyGirl had been blessed earlier that year with a gorgeous brown lab that we call Faith. Me bein' the logical sort, I named the new puppy Hope. It wasn't long until BabyGirl got tired of the cliche' and put the diva name of Butterbean on her. That's the best southern name I EVER heard in my life, all in one word without a hyphen or other fussy stuff.

Both of these girls turned up at just the time that another family pet was passing to the other side of puppy heaven. I suppose that's why we give 'em baths when they just can't resist the thrill of a skunkhunt. Could be why they feel put out when they're not stretched out next to a human to snuggle with and protect. Yeah..I forgot to tell ya how they keep the coyotes on the other side of the lane all the while chasin' cats and horses. We'll save that heroism for another day when we have time to sit at the yaya table.