Thursday, November 16, 2006

James Taylor Concert in Huntsville, Alabama

Review by: C.A. Marks

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Well, what can I say? It was James Taylor! Awesome concert. I hate to call it a concert because when I think of a concert I think of drunkards falling all over the place, loud loud loud music, being packed into a stadium like sardines and whatnot.

But not so with Mr. Taylor, of course. It was in the smallest arena of our Huntsville Civic Center, I believe. We had great seats; right smack dab in center and towards the front. Actually we were probably 25 - 30 rows back. But still. Excellent viewage. Heh. That is once we got in.

You see, I haven't been to a concert in ages so when my friend told me
about printing the tickets off of the internet, on his printer, I was
a little skeptical; bar codes and all. Sure enough, we got to the
entrance and the first ticket that the attendant scanned started
beeping negatively with flashing lights and all - it was the
attendants first night on the job, he said so. He tried scanning it
again and this time it worked but he started freaking out because of
the first time when it rejected it, so he called his boss over. In the
meantime the second ticket scanned just fine and while the manager and
my friend were talking about the first "questionable" ticket I was
about to grab the good one and make a run for the concert hall when
the manager just shrugged and said, "eh, go on in, I'm sure you're

I had no idea that ole J.T. was such a comedian. He really did put on a good show. I was impressed with a lot of things. The first thing I noticed when he walked on stage was that he is a very tall man. After that I was surprised to see him wearing regular clothes, I have no idea why I was surprised by
this fact, really. Just regular slacks, a button down blue shirt, and
a sports coat.

On the stage sat two guitars, a stool, a table where a laptop was
sitting, to the left of Mr. Taylor was a piano. The backdrop was a simple red velvet and very large curtain, pulled back to one side. Above the stage hung various sizes of beautiful, gorgeous but simple chandeliers and they hung in different height positions - very elegant, simple, and beautiful.
Definitely a fantabulous mood setter. I now have a new idea for a
decorating theme for my house!

You know I have to be honest - I only recognized a handful of songs
that James Taylor performed last night but it didn't matter to me, the man is great at what he does and his voice is still just as smooth as when he first recorded his stuff. Earlier I stated that I had no idea that James Taylor had such a comedic ability. In between songs, he would show pictures on a big screen and tell little stories, kind of introducing the next song and the man is quite a story teller - hence the great songs he has written. :-)

Of course we had a few people in the audience shouting things out -
nothing bad mind you but Mr. Taylor handled them like a pro. For example, one lady kept insisting he play Sweet Baby James. I reckon about the 3rd time of hearing her shout out the request he picked up his song list from the floor and while looking at it he said something like, "Hmmm, let's see,'s on here." You had to be there to appreciate it I guess.

Anyway....I had a great time. I sat there trying to take every single
second of the event into memory, trying to pay attention to every
little detail. What a voice, what a generation, what a man! He did
three encores.

I'll just say one more thing...James Taylor is one HOT babe!