Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Southern Sunday Church

By Tammy the Kentucky Gal

Jesus loves me, this I know,
For the Bible tells me so,
Little ones to Him belong,
They are weak,
But He is strong!!!!
Yes, Jesus loves me,
Yes, Jesus loves me,
Yes, Jesus loves me,
The Bible tells me soooooooo!!!

Childish voices ring out from the cavernous Sunday school room....the young woman hugs or pats each little one on the head as they leave clutching their sunday school craft made just for Momma...The Young woman hopes the Momma's don't get too mad with all the sunday school crafts the kids make each week. She works with them the best she can...reading a Bible story and supplying a small snack and a craft to keep the young ones busy while their parents do the serious study of God's word.

She gathers her purse and Bible and joins the throng of people going to the auditorium.

Saying "Hidy do" to all her friends and neighbors. Getting her children settled in the pew.

From the front of the auditorium the piano played by Sister Rita Ann starts bouncing with the opening tune..."Power in the Blood"...The young songleader dressed in his best and only suite steps up to the podium and urges all the people to "Stand on up, cause you can't sing good sittin' down"...the songleader is her dear husband and the congregation loves him and will do most anything he says to do. Today he decides they need to sing in parts and one side against another...and he will cup his ear to hear which side is doing their very best...The people put their very best into it!

There is Power,
Wonder working Power,
In the blood,
Of the Lamb,
There is Power,
Wonder working Power,
In the precious blood of the Lamb!!!!

"Now I can't decide which side was the best, you was all sooo good...I can feel the Spirit in this place this mornin'!!" the young songleader says.
The young men of the church pass the offering plate...such a poor community, they don't gather much...but the people give the best they can.
Since it is the 4th of July week-end the songleader invites up one of the small fry, little Miss Caprice who is not afraid to sing...he hands her the microphone and standing there in her little pink skirt and jelly shoes she sings to the top of her little lungs....

"I'm proud to be an American,
Where at least I know I'm free,
And I won't forget the men who died,
that gave that right to me,
And I'll proudly stand up,
Next to you,
and defended her still today,
Cause there ain't no doubt ,
I love this Land,
God Bless the USA!!!!"

After the song...old Brother John stands to his feet...he says "I have a word of testimony...." the young songleader says "Go ahead brother John"
"I've been feelin' mighty down this week...my rhumatiz been botherin' me...had a few problems here and there...but the Good Lord seen me through it...I wanna thank him for all He's been to me!!!"

A chorus of "Amens" erupt from all over the building...several others share a word...

Then the young songleader steps up with the microphone and sings....
The crowd is hushed and worshipful during the song....

"It is finished,
the battle is over,
It is finished, there'll be no more war,
It is finished, the end of the conflict,
It is finished and Jesus is Lord!!!"

The people swell to their feet in applause which embarrasses the young songleader as he walks back to sit down with his wife and children.

The young minister steps forward lifts his Bible and tells the scripture reading for the day...all over the building you hear pages of Bible's being turned and flipped for this Church believes in following along and marking in their Bibles the most important things they learn...he delivers a message that is so soul stirring that Amens can just about rock the roof off of this small church...then most of the congregation makes their way to the alter to repent or pray during the invitation.

After the last person has made their way back to her seat...it is mostly women that go down to pray....then the young woman wakes her sandy haired little boy and stirres up her little red headed girl to go...all the congregation meet outside on the front porch of the old country church and fellowship a few minutes and wish each other well and drive off into the bright Southern day....

Kentucky girls are...the thoroughbreds of the South.