Saturday, July 1, 2006

The Southern Beauty Shop

by Tammy the Kentucky Gal
(a new Dew contributer!)

Oh, for a Southern Beauty shop...where you go in the door that is decorated with a pretty flower wreath and step into what might be someone's home...but it's not, it is The Southern Beauty Shop.

This shop is ran by Debbie Kay Wilson sole owner.

Debbie Kay knows everyone in this town. Knows your name and exactly how you like your hair...and even though she knows that, tries her best to talk you into some Big hair just the same.

The smell is of warm coconut oil and hair spray...a neat booth with all her tools of the trade and her precious things around it...a picture of her grandchild (with big hair) and a fish swimming in a bowl with blue shiny rocks at the bottom. A full length swivel mirror divides the space from the shampoo bowl and dryers, and the manicure table with a bright array of polish's...she believes in bright polish too...don't dare offend her by asking for something pale! A door to the side proclaims itself "The Electric Beach" is the door to the suntan bed that she has run for the past 5 years with fresh hot second rate bulbs for her customers.
She has a customer...always...she is a very popular lady in these parts. Ms. Myrtle Hill is getting her Sadidy Updo...she plays the organ at the church and must look her very best.

"Hidy do" Debbie Kay says as you walk in, "I'll be with you in a minute, hon".

"Oh, no problem...I've got all day" you say and walk over to the comfy arm chair she has right near her because she is such a social person. On the table beside the chair is all kinds of know the kind...Glamour, Cosmo or Best Hair of the 90's or Millennium Hair. You thumb through these while a soft rock station plays softly on her boom box set in the corner.

The door to "The Electric Beach" opens, and out walks one of the younger set. A flushed and tanned southern bell in her daisy dukes and flip flops.
Debbie Kay looks around from her teasing of Ms. Myrtle and says, "How was it today Cinda, gal?"

"Oooo girl, I coulda laid in there all day...but I gotta get on down to the park and help decorate for the fourth of July dance."

Ms. Myrtle humphs and sniffs for effect...while she swings her leg to the rhythm of Faith Hill's "This Kiss" She really does love to get down and dance herself...just no use in the church and this youngin knowing it.
Debbie Kay pins in the last bobby pin for Ms. Myrtle and says "All done, Hon!"....Ms. Myrtle walks over to the full length mirror and preens...her hair the color of strawberries in the snow...kind of an ashy red and she has on her purple top and matching slacks with a silver sparkling belt around her fat little tummy...she flashes her Cherry Red fingernails as she turns this way and that.

"Very good today Debbie Kay...think I'll run on down to the park myself, see if I can help."

Debbie Kay waves bye with hot pink tipped nails.

As soon as the door closes she says, "Everybody knows she is after Ralph Stenson and he is in charge of that shindig."

We giggle together as she fluffs and cuts my hair just the way I like it. I look at her in the mirror, and say "I sure do like your shade of lipstick...I just can't get it to stay on right."

Debbie looks at herself and as soon as she finishes with my hair goes over to her spangled purse and retrieves her make-up bag..."Let me show you how" she says.

"My daughter showed me how to do it...first you get a lip pencil and line your lips...then you fill in with a lipstick...then top with daughter can even eat and drink without messin up a thang...she holds the fork just so and drinks real easy like!"

"Well, I'll go on down to the Walmart and get me some of those supplies and give it a try" says I.

"Girl, you go on and do that...cause we all just wanna look nice now don't we?" she winks.

The soft tinkle of the bell announces her next updo for a young girl getting ready for the dance...and a sultry Southern Summer Night.....

Kentucky girls are...the thoroughbreds of the South.