Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A Kentucky Funny

I recently attended the Owensboro Bluegrass and Art Festival.

I enjoy Bluegrass Music very much and Mike Snyder was there and I've always enjoyed his music and humor.

Well, we had a weekend pass so the next day I went down to look at the arts and crafts. I went into this one booth with the most beautiful woodwork you can imagine...and in the middle of one table was this little awkward looking model outhouse. I look at it...curiousity killed the cat once again...I opened the wee door to see...and the dang thang blew up on me!!! I look over at the owner who looked and me very seriously and said "You broke it, now you've got to pay for it."
Hubby then walks into the booth and the owner tells him, your wife just turned as red as your shirt and the two men just have a hoot over it...of course I had to buy one...doncha know!!!

After...there is a mouse trap inside that you set and when the door is opened then it breaks the whole thing up!! Now, I probably didn't need to tell ya'll that in case you ever get to visit me, now should I??

I gave way too much for this confounded contraption...but I wanted it!! And if the truth be told he probably sells more of these than that beautiful expensive woodwork and all it is, is scrap wood and a mousetrap...maybe I'm in the wrong bizness!!

If you would like one contact...Custom Woodworking by "Benzel"~Ben Ferrell 931-232-7603

Kentucky girls are...the thoroughbreds of the South.