Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Iced Tea

You can find anything on the Net. I have said that so many times that I ought to be on a commercial for the resourcefulness of the WWW. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that when I found myself craving a glass of good old Southern iced tea that I should hunt the Net for a good recipe.

Now - for those of you were raised on tall cold glasses of sweet tea, this might seem like a “no brainer”. However, were I was born and raised; iced tea was served without sugar. Needless to say, I was in for quite a shock when my first glass of southern iced tea was served up. And while I cannot say that the liquid is a steady in my diet, every now and then I want a good cold glass of the stuff.

Which brings me to yesterday’s pursuit of a good recipe. You see – I have attempted for years to get the taste right. Employed in my quest has been a variety of teas. Batches upon batches of sun tea, microwave tea, Mr. Coffee-maker tea, etc. were concocted in my attempts to re-create a fine glass of ice tea. All to no avail.

Do not think me too proud not to ask for advice. I did. People have a tendency to get that squirrel look on their face when you ask them how to make iced tea. Around here it is a given that you “just know”. Guess it is considered part and parcel with the Southern identity. I have listened to many a patient dear soul who tried to educate this poor ignorant soul on how to create a good glass of the amber colored elixir of life. No good – a waste of time.

No matter what I did, I ended up with an unsatisfactory simile. Half-drunk glasses of the stuff would be left by my guests (who knowing my reputation would forget and say yes to a glass of tea).

Until. Today. I am writing this with a great glass of tea sitting by my side. My tea tasting buds are dancing for joy. I finally created a good great glass of ice tea. The secret – a pinch of baking soda! All those years of frustration. All it took was one pinch of baking soda and I have produced a smooth glass of the good stuff. Wait ‘til my friends come over. There shall be no more half-empty glasses of tea at my house.

Drink up and be merry – life is good. May everyday be so sweet.

Written by: Lillium