Thursday, April 6, 2006

Spring has Sprung!

And the Dew is ready with a slighty re-vamped look. Trying to make it a little easier to find things instead of scrolling so long your wrist falls off and your mouse runs away.

Another reason is that the Dew is getting busier! I'm getting so many kind and encouraging words about my writers from new readers. People love getting all these Southern tidbits that you share. I've had many an email stating that people check daily to see if there's new items of interest and stories to read.

So I will again ask... if you are a current writer, keep up the good work, you are enjoyed by many. If you aren't a current writer with us, but have an interest in sharing a good story, a scrumptious recipe, or a great place to visit... please give me a shout.

Don't forget the book reviews too - Southern-Themed books... if you've read a good one recently, let us know about it! I'm working on one myself right now.

Stories of Spring memories, thoughts, occassions now wanted!