Sunday, October 2, 2005

A Southern Gal Ventures North

Written by: J. Butterfly

I was born, and raised in Alabama. My southern roots are not very deep, as my mother's mom was from California,and my father's family was from New York.

My mom's father is the only truly Southern link, as he was born in Fayette, Alabama. None the less, I am a Southern girl.

I lived in Alabama until Fall of my 32nd year. I met and married a wonderful man from Canada in November of 2002, and decided to journey North for a new life. British Columbia to be exact.

I knew that this would be a big adjustment for me, and that my life would different in many ways. I was up for the challenge, and after nearly 3 years, I am comfortable in knowing that I
have found a new home.

I miss so many things about my Southern life. Southern food being at the top of the list! There are days I crave tastes of the South, I can hardly stand it. Catfish, barbeque, cornbread, grits, and biscuits to name a few. Actually there is a place in Vancouver that specializes in Southern Barbeque, and even though it is right up there with the best I have had in the South, it still isn't the same.

'Real' iced tea is only a luxury I can have at home, because iced tea served in restaurants is a premade sweetend instant mix of some sort. There is no such thing as unsweetened iced tea. In fact, if you order 'tea' in Canada , you will be served hot tea. If you want 'iced tea', you better say 'iced tea', and then it will be this syrupy brown concoction. I really don't like it much, though it is

I make my own biscuits, because there isn't a place I have found you can get a biscuit anywhere. Biscuits here are more like a cookie. So you can forget about going out for a sausage biscuit around these parts. I have been told you can get buttermilk here, but I have yet to see any. Sausage is another thing, you can get breakfast links, but forget about finding seasoned
pork sausage. I have found similar, but nothing like Jimmy Dean! Grits don't exist here. Cornmeal can be found, but self-rising anything doesn't, including flour. Butter Peas, crowder peas, field peas... I miss you so.

We live in the city, so many sounds of the South I miss as well. Crickets, and frogs in the Summertime, thunderstorms, and the evening cry of the bobwhite are just a few of those sounds.

Aside from these differences the beautiful countryside reminds me of my Southern home.
Outside the city limits, the BC interior is some of the most beautiful countryside you will ever lay your eyes on. Rolling farmland for as far as the eye can see, dotted with houses, cattle and
beautiful glacier lakes. The sounds of the Loon make a lovely replacement to the sounds of the Bobwhite. Adding beautiful snowcapped mountains to the view, and it is like heaven.

My husband and I bought five acres of land in the BC interior a little over a year ago. We long for the day we can move up there, and build our home.

Canada is a vast and beautiful country, and I am happy to be a part of it. Even though Canada is now my home, I will alway be a Southern girl at heart.