Friday, October 14, 2005

I Have My Momma's Feet

My feet ain't dainty, my husband advised one day.
They are tough and cracked, he went on in a sarcastic way.

"Aren't southern women supposed to be soft?" asked my sweetie,
Running his hands over my scratchy feetie.

I wasn't quite sure.

I love to go barefoot and I have big feet.
I love to feel my feet and the grass meet.

Shoes are fine, and I pay my dues,
but nothing beats going sans shoes.

I have cracks in my heels that look like an Alabama ditch
after years of weathering and erosion.
I am constantly slapping foot creams on my feet, which
seem to do little for my foot corrosion.

I have to admit though; they don't bother me a lot
unless they scratch against the sheets and catch,
Or my husband screams when they gash his leg,
It makes him scream and beg.

My feet are a work of art in progress,
They have grown older and changed, it's true,
But they seemed familiar to me, last I looked.
And then, dagblamit, I knew.

I have my mamma's feet.

She has the same timeworn calluses
that I have walked into today
and the same cracks and toughness
that shows her love of walking around in this way.

So we slather the cream and file those nails
and wash them both at night.
We won't worry too much about our feet
because going barefoot just feels so right.


Idgie @ the "Dew" said...

You have Southern Feet and should be proud!

I jokenly refer to the fact that I have to stash a pair of shoes in the car in the summer 'cause I always get to my destination and realize I have forgotten to put on shoes and then would have to turn around and go home.

Be proud of those feet that could pop a tar bubble on a hot summer's day!

aka_Meritt said...

God had me 'meet' Idgie last Spring/winter for the sole purpose of teaching me to stash an extra pair of flip flops in my car. ;)

Add me to the barefoot with cracked feet club.

Dana said...

Amen! We should start a club. ;)

Speaking of tar bubbles...when I was a kid, the road in front of our house would always have tar "puddles". In the winter, they were hard, but in the summer, they would start to get mushy and then bubble. We would always know when it was swimming weather by pressing our big toe into the tar to see how mushy it was. If it was like Play-Doh, it was hot enough to swim.

Chris said...

Yep - southern feet - got 'em, love 'em, proud of 'em! Hate it, tho', when my feet catch on the bedclothes...

jen/southgirl said...

My momma has feet like that, and my grandmother did. I never got the cracks though, I do get dry rough heels. I guess because my mom made us wear shoes alot, I didn't get the cracks. :)

Romani Heart said...

I guess I have Dana's Mama's feet too lol.

Karen said...

I have proud southern feet. I only wear shoes when I am out of the house.

srp said...

I've got the rough heels. My ex always laughed at my stubby toes, but I always told him...who wants toes that long. I don't usually wear shoes in the house but keep on the socks....mine get cold.

Cowtown Pattie said...

I used to be Queen of the Barefoot crowd, but as the years passed and I grew city feet, my ability to ignore hot sidewalks and gravely paths was sadly destroyed.

I am a tenderfoot deluxe nowadays.