Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sausage Grits Casserole

Here is a yummy, favorite recipe my grandma always made on Sunday's
before church to get us up an runnin'!

1 lb. pork sausage, hot
12 oz. grated cheddar cheese,
3 eggs, beaten 1-1/2 cups milk
3 TBS margarine
3 cups cooked grits
1 small onion, chopped


Preheat oven to 350°. Cook the sausage & onion in a skillet until
sausage is done. Drain well. Spread sausage evenly in a lightly
greased casserole dish. Cook grits according to pkg. directions. Add
cheese & margarine. Stir until cheese and butter is melted. With a
fork, beat eggs and milk together & stir into grits. Pour over
sausage. Bake for one hour. Can be refrigerated overnight and baked
the next day.

Truly delicious hon!



Romani Heart said...

That sounds really good!!! I never see good recipes using grits.. and I love them.

poopie said...

Yummmmm! My family has always made the cheese grits, but with the sausage it sounds ever better!

Cowtown Pattie said...

What? No jalapenos? No salsa?

But, it sounds delicious, and I imagine it will Texify just fine!

Future Daddy said...

Mama learnt me to never trust a skinny cook! Now I'm a'guessing whoever thunk this up probably ain't too skinny; cuz dat sure sounds tasty! Whooo-doggies!

mensa B said...

What a great recipe...I'll definately try it...(^_^)

aka_Meritt said...

I'm not going to make this now... for a very good reason.

As you already know, I hope to move back to the South.... I'm even open to 'where' in the South it might be, but I'm still hoping.

So my dear - a grits casserole is going to be the first breakfast I want to serve in my Southern home once we get there.

It will give me something to look forward to.

Astrid said...

I declare I sure hope ya'll like it if ya'll did try it. After sending this in, my mouth got in a craving fashion and sure nuff yesterday morning I was up and fixin' it!

kenju said...

Well, now I'm hungry!

Marybeth said...

Well, there's what I'm having for supper! Thanks for the recipe! I'll be a-trying it tonight!

Laura said...

Boy, this sounds real good. I may try to make it this weekend, hopefully on Sunday. YUmmmmmm!