Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Muy Caliente!

Finally appears we will get a slight break from the great September heatwave, so this weekend looks great for grilling out on the patio. Crank up the old turntable with a little foot-tapping music from the Black Hat Saloon album by Rusty Weir and add some frosty mugs of Corona Beer with salt and lime. Or maybe, some homemade Sangria with a little Jerry Jeff Walker music. Anyway, I shall also be cooking some of these tasty jewels:

8 Large jalepenos (Cut the top off and carefully seed, leaving the pepper whole instead of halved. Word to the wise, it pays to wear some disposable plastic gloves while completing this task.)
Hickory bacon slices
Pkg Cream cheese - softened
Green Onions
Fresh Garlic
1 Pound Chorizo ( Mexican sausage)
Seasonings to taste, I use a little fresh chopped cilantro, chile and cumin powder.

In a skillet, mix together chopped green onions and garlic in a small amount of olive oil - cook until transparent. (However, DO NOT overcook the green onions as they can get tough and bitter - might add them last.) Add chorizo and crumble while cooking with the onions and garlic. Remove from heat and add the softened cream cheese, mix well. Stuff each cleaned pepper with mixture. Wrap the bacon around each pepper, securing with a toothpick. Place peppers on a medium grill and cook slowly until peppers are tender (usually about 30 minutes). You can pare boil the peppers first for a couple of minutes if you want them really tender and less fiery. The pare boil will take some of the "heat" out, if you prefer.

I like to serve ranch dressing with mine, but you can also serve them with queso or sour cream.

Ya'll come, just bring some extra beer and an appetite!