Friday, August 5, 2005

A Yankee Boy goes to the Movies

I done learned in on the TV.

I got to admit that we get a lot of what we know or think we know from television. Today the “Dukes of Hazard” movie opens across the country in theaters. It was a show that I watched as I grew up. It was a show that shaped my prejudices about what Southerners were like. If you be Dixie born and bred what do you think of this stereotyping?

I mean it swings both ways. One of the reasons that I watched the show was because I thought that Daisy Duke was hot. I know the girls went gaga over the Duke boys. The carefree attitude about life and the thumbing your nose at authority were like eating candy. So here we are with a movie version ready to reinforce our Southern prejudices.

One reviewer; Eleanor Ringel Gillespie from the The Atlanta Journal-Constitution says this:

“All them grinnin' yokels from the CBS hit series that ran from 1979 to '85 are back for the movie version. Those wild 'n' crazy moonshine-running Duke boys, Bo and Luke (Seann William Scott and Johnny Knoxville). Black-hearted Boss Hogg (Burt Reynolds). The souped-up '69 orange Dodge Charger with the Confederate flag painted on its roof. And, um, cheeky Daisy Duke, played by Jessica Simpson, who's fittingly introduced butt-first.”

So here us Yankees wonder if all the Southern police are plain stupid and are crooks themselves, if anybody really has a job, if it’s ok to break the law in the South as long as you don’t get caught and can drive fast…

But most of all leaves us wondering about the wonderful ethnic mix that is found in the south. Shows like this simply don’t embrace it. They miss the cultural wonders by a wide margin but manage to poke fun at a whole bunch of people and reinforce negative stereotyping.

So which Duke character are you?


poopie said...

Ain't you curious if all us southern gals look like Daisy in them cut offs?

We don't. ;)

UziCue said...

Oh come on. It's just entertainment. I'd hate to think that all the stereotypes of New Yorkers portrayed in movies are true. If they are, you must be just rude.

Romani Heart said...

I dated a guy with a "General Lee" horn on his car, just for the horn. As for the Daisy Dukes.. When I put them on I have the sexual attractiveness of Uncle Jesse, but with bigger boobs and more celulite.

Michael said...

I'm not claiming the stereotypes are true, simply stating that it is being made and wondering how you all viewed it.

Just like the assumption that all New Yorkers are from NYC.

Plus they are all rude.

Take Care

UziCue said...

I don't really care anymore because we've heard them our whole lives and know they aren't true. BUT there are people like those in that movie who live down here. There are people who are bigger rednecks than that. And they're not as good-looking as the actors in the movie. Trust me.
Some girls who wear the "Daisy Duke" shorts need not be wearing them because they didn't work out for months like Jessica Simpson did to prepare for the role.
I did not assume you are from NYC. But a lot of us southerners really and truly think that you "yankees" are impolite.
Now, I know a lot of folks from up north who are very nice and really good people. I don't know you from anyone, so I imagine I took your comments about this movie and perceived that you were being another asshole from the north. I'll bet you've never even been down here.
Of course, I've been known to be wrong.

Michael said...

My whole point.

Stereotypes aren't nice.

Take Care

Anonymous said...

When will people understand that movies and TV shows are fictional entertainment. Not even the reality shows are real!!! Get in you car and drive south and meet every kind of human there is....just like we would find if, God forbid, we were to drive north.

Idgie @ the "Dew" said...
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Idgie @ the "Dew" said...

Michael, you really stirred up the pot!

I do realize what you're saying. Shows, any show, that leans toward such a caricature of anything, leads people that don't know anything about that particular culture and area to think of them in a certain way. Certain shows, in any vein, could lead to negative impressions about that area.

You were basically asking Southerners how we felt about being characatured like that show so that people who had not been to the South would think that was it.

As for me, I probably won't see it 'cause Cooter from the original show says it's a trashy version. I loved my Daisy,Luke, Duke and Grandpa - I don't want to see a raunchier version.

Of course, my boy will want to see the General Lee fly through the air a lot!

Idgie @ the "Dew" said...

No, there was not a hostile comment removed above, my comment posted twice. :) Too much finger action before coffee.

UziCue said...

I do love the General Lee.