Thursday, August 25, 2005

Y'all Come!!

My mom and dad just recently returned from Montana where my brother and sister-in-law live. They brought me some coffee roasted locally. It was huckleberry flavored. Mom said that it was all the rage up there, i.e., that people were selling preserves, muffins, and other sorts of things flavored with huckleberries. I thought that that was sort of funny. How does a food become "the big thing" in a certain area of the country? I mean, what was it before? And what is next? A fruit is a trend??

Down here there are constants. Food is one of them. Good ol' fried chicken and okra, cornbread, greens, grits, blackeyed peas and buttermilk, just to name a few standards. Now, a lot of folks up north call that "soul food". Down here it's just dinner. I was thinking the other day about my Mammaw's cooking (I miss it-she died when I was 17). It never failed. Going over to her house for supper was an event. She cooked more food than all of us, meaning all the brothers, sisters, spouses, cousins, and grandkids, could ever consume. We all sat around the dining room table, elbow to elbow, passing around platters and bowls of deliciousness. All of the food I mentioned above and then some was normal fare. Then came dessert. Pies, banana pudding, and cobbler. Sometimes one, sometimes more than one. It is not a wonder that my mom's family liked getting together so much, often on Sundays after church. I always looked forward to that time.

Food trends that are "all the rage"? Not in my experience. I have not seen any kind of southern cooking become trendy and then go out of style. It is part of our lifestyle and culture.


aka_Meritt said...

But.... but... what about the coffee? Well? How was it? Is it great?

That just reminded me of the Blueberry and Creme coffee I was buying last year before we moved "here" and I've not seen it around. I will have to look for it again because it goes soooo well with the cold weather of Fall and Winter.

As for food trend? OMG yes. Especially after Martha Stewart would mention something in her magazine (before the 'incident' of course which caused everyone to bail from her subscription list). ;)

Dana said...

Amen, honey! Sounds like my family gatherings back south. LOL No wonder I am so chubby.

UziCue said...

Actually, the coffee is very good. (Sorry I forgot about that).

Idgie @ the "Dew" said...

That's what I love about the South, food is such a "part of life", not something to fill up your gut. It's socialization, frienship, etc. etc.

Definately, we do not have "all the rage" food, our food pretty much stays the same as it's always been.

Karen said...

Yeah, huckleberries are a source of pride there! My sister and her family live there and I have had huckleberry flavored chocolate, too. Yummy actually.