Tuesday, August 30, 2005

My Hurricane Story

We lived through a particularly nasty hurricane, Hurricane Andrew, in Lafayette, La. Normally, Lafayette is far enough from the coast, about 50 miles, and hurricanes bring wind and rain or will spawn a tornado. This was 1992 and Hurricane Andrew devastated parts of southern Florida as a category 5 storm and then went back out into the Gulf of Mexico to power up again.

My husband and I decided to remain at home and ride the storm out as it was not predicted to be too damaging to our area. So of course, the path of the storm shifted just a bit at the last of the build up. We were up the entire night the eye came onto Louisiana's coast. Our son was a toddler and mercifully slept through the entire ordeal. It was the scariest experience I have ever had with Mother Nature! The windows were shaking, the old magnificant live oak trees were swaying and of course the power went off.

Our house survived. A neighbor across the street had a live oak tree uprooted in his front yard. Our electricity was out for a week.
Trucks with ice came in fairly quickly and believe me, ice was like gold to us.

We love the Gulf coast and chose to live here. With the blessings of this part of the world comes a very healthy respect for Mother Nature. Fools who want to party and act like they are too macho to leave, usually end up dead fools.


Fish said...

While I know some of those that stayed may fit the hurricane partyers.. most of those trapped do not. Many of those who stayed had no choice as they had no vehicles and no money.

We barely were able to get out ourselves and had we not got a loan from an employer we would not have been able to.

Idgie @ the "Dew" said...

the coast is beautiful and fantastic to be at. But when the weather turns......... you have to be wise enough to get out... if you can.

I do feel badly for the people that really just did not have the means to leave. The others, well...Bless Their Hearts. :)