Friday, August 26, 2005

Cow Tippin Flunkies

By: Future Daddy

Now I's growed up in North Carolina over by Back Swampnot too fur up the road from Raft Swamp on ChickenRoad. Down a ways a piece from Cooter Bug's Gas Station. Any how's here awhile back, me and some cousins got pure fed up with failing the time honoredrite of passage into manhood......"Cow Tippin."

You see now, we felt that no matter what, we needed to come up with something to help save face. Well, one day a man from the light company came out and he wasa-sprayin orange paint all over the fool highway. We finally got up a-nerve to ask him what the fool he was up to and he told us he was just a-survey in and a-markin the underground gas lines.

About that time one of my cousins caught a-hold of aright good idea. "How's about we run into town and get us some of that orange spray paint." Now of course, we had to spend several days walking up and down the roada-pickin up soda-water bottles to return to the store fur the deposit afore we had us enough money to buy the paint.

Once we had us enough paint we hauled off and planned us a-Cow Tippin. Now we had already learnt that we were too runty to tip any so we packed our orangespray paint with us.

And then you know what we did? That's right!! We used up 4 cans of orange spray paint!! Having flunked out of Cow Tippin, we reckoned that we might as well just haul off and start Cow Paintin!