Monday, August 15, 2005

A Birmingham Landmark

If you've ever been to my neck of the woods, Birmingham, Alabama, surely you have at least seen the Vulcan statue.

Having lived here my whole life, I will honestly say that I really don't know what the excitement about seeing the world's largest cast-iron statue is. Never mind me, though.... it is still a very popular tourist site.

It had to be taken down of its pedestal several years ago for repairs. Many years of weather exposure and such had weakened the iron and it was feared that continued wear and tear would cause it to crumble. The statue was put back up on its pedestal piece by piece until it stood tall again looking over the city.

Maybe I'm a little jaded. Perhaps I should visit the new and improved Vulcan Park seeing as it has been over 10 years since I have been up there. Ya think?


Idgie @ the "Dew" said...

I went to the site you have listed and looked at it up close - creepy looking thing!

I've actually been through Birmingham numerous times, but I guess I never went to the park, I've never seen that statue, and I'd say you can't miss it!

aka_Meritt said...

Sniff... sniff.... your post actually made me quite sad. We tried for almost 3 years to get transferred to Birmingham. And at one point we had the 'green light' and it was 99% done - just had to get 'relocation' in the company to sign off... and they yanked it out from under us deeming it too expensive to pay for our move down there when they already had qualified people there they could put in the position without paying relo.

Sad sad me.

But... ya know, I'm happy for you and all. Sniff.

poopie said...

Speakin' of statues....ain't that a big mess of drama in Memphis?

Phyllis S said...

This statue was highlighted on a Turner South 'Three Day Weekend' episode. They made quite a bit of hay over the fact that his, ahem, bare ass, is quite visible to folks.

Dana said...

I finally took the hubby and kids there when we were in town last 4th of July. It does look much nicer now and the museum is very nice. I didn't, however, like the viewing platform. Why in God's green earth did they make it see-through? I could see all the way down through the grated platform and it made me nauseous. I did not like it up there at all!