Wednesday, August 17, 2005

100 Things to Eat In Alabama Before You Die

The Alabama Bureau of Tourism has come up with an interesting draw for Tourists. They've made a list of Alabama’s 100 most exceptional eats. The website, where you can download the actual brochure, can be found here.

If you have visited any of these places and had the food, please leave a note in the comments section!

I've eaten mainly in the Gulf Shores restaurants they have listed. I've tried for years to do the Lambert's "Throwed Rolls" in Foley, but the line, starting at 10 in the morning is out the door. I've always decided that waiting one and half hours for lunch with three kids is not worth it just to have rolls chucked at my head.

Nolan's in Gulf Shores is listed as having fantastic steaks, but again, the restaurant just screams, "DO NOT BRING YOUR CHITLINS IN HERE" and the prices go along with that slogan so....

The Original Oyster House in Gulf Shores is a great little dive with the BEST Bloody Mary's. Since I can't eat Seafood, elsewise I puff, I mainly stick with the Bloody Mary's while my hubby enjoys the "Fresh from the Sea" catches.

I do have to say that I've been to Bates House of Turkey in Greenville and all I can scream is.... "RIP OFF!!!" They must have paid mucho bucks to get on that list. And seriously folks, it sells nothing but ... Turkey. Turkey soup, sandwiches, fingers, hot plates, etc. All way overpriced and small. We nearly had to put 4 snamiches and 2 kids plates on the Gold Card.

I'm going to add one of my own personal favorites that's not on the list. Why? Nothing is exceptional about their food, except the price. In Gulf Shores, right on the beach - which by the way is somewhat rare there, most are off the beach surrounded by parking - is a little tiny hole in the wall called Sea N Suds. I'll be honest, they lost it all in the Hurricane last year but I hear they rebuilt and are business as usual. I didn't get down there this season since so many hotels weren't in business yet. Sea N Suds has a big back deck that goes over the beach and looks out on the water. You can get a drink at the restaurant and wander on down to the water while you wait for your name to be called. The kids tend to be wet again by the time we sit down. The joy here? No one cares!

This place is the type with the plain plastic tablecloths, the papertowel holders for napkins, the fixins to make our own sauce for the seafood on the table. The prices are ridiculously low! A hamburger for $1.60, a big plate of shrimp for $4.99, a big salad bar for $1.99, etc. The kids love it and it's the perfect place to go when you are burnt out from your day in the sun and want nothing more than to eat a simple dinner and not fret over your kids acting up in public. Last time we went to Gulf Shores, we were there 6 days, we ate at the Sea N Suds 4 of them. Walked along the beach to it every night. So easy.

I just hope that they didn't change too much from the rebuilding.

Anyway, ya'll take a look at the list and let us at the "Dew" know if you've been to any of these places and what ya'lls thoughts are.