Friday, July 22, 2005

An Observation in Little Men

Having lived in the north, then on the West Coast, then the South and then the North and then the Midwest I've had a little moment of 'hmph' enter my head. (You know, when you talk to yourself and you think of something and then say "hmmmmph, I didn't realize that before" happen).

I do believe that no matter where you are 'in the South', if you are in a crowd of at least 20 people that include parents and young boy-children you could call out "Little Man!" and at least 4 little guys would answer.

They don't do that in the North or the West Coast. Little guys are often called "Buddy" as in 'hey buddy did you get a new puppy?' or 'hey bud, time to come in for dinner' but down south any boy child under the age of 4 seems to answer to "Little Man".

We don't call our kids that up here. Hmmmmph.