Friday, July 29, 2005

The Drive-In

The following was written by Yellowrose.

It has been many years since I have been to a drive-in. I have so many childhood memories going with my family to The Sheridan Drive-In back home in Illinois. We would pack up the car with pillows and blankets, my sister and I in our pj's, our mom would pop grocery bags full of popcorn, and we would head out to see the latest movie.

We'd get there early enough so we could watch the cartoons they would show for the kids, and on the warm summer nights dad would let us climb up on the top of the car till the main feature started. As we got older, in our neighborhood we had several families with five or more children, and many times all the families got together and made a night of it at the drive-in. We always made sure we saw the latest Disney movie like, “Herbie, The Love Bug,” being a favorite. The memories those nights made, all us kids sprawled out across lawn chairs and tops of chairs, throwing popcorn at each other, whispering during the movie and swatting at mosquitoes will last with me forever.

As I got to be a teenager, the drive-in was a local hang out for us. We would all gather and watch the newest horror flick like “Friday the 13th,” together while the guys in our group would take great pleasure in trying to scare us girls all night. Let us not forget date night at the drive-in. Snuggling up watching a scary movie, because what fun would it be if it was a comedy, with the boy of your dreams. So many memories that were had at that drive-in, so many movies watched, so much popcorn eaten, and sodas gulped. I wonder why the drive-in has disappeared and replaced by the Mega Theater. It is a shame that so many will not have the memories that we made in a place called the Drive-In.

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Michael said...

We are fortunate to still have a few in our area. There is nothing like watching a movie on a huge screen during a warm summer night.

Take Care

aka_Meritt said...

The Drive-In was where dh and I had our first date! It wasn't in the South though... it was up North. We still have one about 45 minutes from here I'm told.

They are few and far between anymore aren't they!? (Maybe this is a good thing now that my daughter is dating!) Bah ha.

poopie said...

I remember it well...sigh. Ours is long gone.

Idgie @ the "Dew" said...

I so wish they were still around. How fun to be able to take the kids in their jammies and pile into the car.

Jamie Dawn said...

I couldn't agree more. I remember going with my parents, but by the time my brother came along we didn't do it much any more.
Bring back the Drive-Ins!!

Dana said...

I saw Star Wars at the drive-in back in the seventies. I remember.

I was just telling the hubby last month that we should go to the one by our cottage in Indiana, but he didn't want to sit out in the heat (that was during the 100+ heat index). I will have to get out there before that one is torn down too.

Quincy said...

Being at the drive-in on a warm summer night with a big metal speaker hanging on the car door, munching stale popcorn and sipping watery sodas ... great memories...